The Benefits of New Siding for Your Chicago Home

The Many Benefits of Siding Replacement

Trusted Siding contractor in Chicago From Siding Chicago: Is you home the ugly duckling of the neighborhood?  Is your siding aged, dented up aluminum, past its prime from wear and tear?  Is the color of your home outdated and, well how can I say this, embarrassing?  Do you still have to paint your house every 3 to 5 years?

Would you like to have a clean, modern looking home that you will not have to paint or maintain for years?

If you answered any the above questions with a empathic “yes”, We know exactly where you are coming from.

We re-side hundreds of homes each year and we have seen it all.  I can remember one lady in the City of Chicago that was the poster child for needing new siding.

She had aluminum siding that must have been installed in the 50′s and that had been dented up by hail, balls, sticks… you name it, it must have hit this house.  To spruce the place up she had the home painted a barn red color.  The paint was now pealing and flaking all over the place and had faded from a deep red to a washed out pink.

Her biggest complaint however was that the ladies that lived in the neighborhood were talking about the look of her house behind her back.

Believe me, if we could help this lady, we could definitely help you!

Replacing the Siding on your Chicago home can have many benefits:

  • New siding will increase the value of your home.
  • It will improve the curb appeal and look of your home dramatically.
  • You will feel a renewed sense of pride in your home with new exterior cladding.
  • If you choose the right siding product, you will see a reduction in your energy and utility bills.
  • You home will be better protected from wind, rain, snow, sleet, and in some cases fire.
  • Your home can go from the embarrassing house on the block to the envy of the neighborhood literally overnight.

So if you finally ready to get rid of that old siding that you are sick of looking at (and believe me when I say this, your neighbors are sick of looking at too).  Then give us a call.

Professional Siding Expert in Chicago, We specialize in…

And we carry the top name brands like Mastic Vinyl Siding, InnoMaxx Siding Systems, James Hardie Siding, and LP Smartside.

We will send out a trained professional siding consultant to discuss with you exactly what your options are.  They will then measure up your house, show you some examples, and then give you a no obligation, no pressure price quote, so you know precisely how much the new siding for your Chicago area home will cost.


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by Rhett Wilborn